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Our Sauces

Slick's Sweet and Tangy Sauce

Slick's Big Time Sweet & Tangy was created to be used on any dish to give it that extra BURST of FLAVOR! It was designed to bring out the best in any food; creating that "I need to have more of this" taste! It is beautifully balanced with smooth, tangy flavor, a proprietary blend of spices that hit the mid palate. With a nice SAVORY finish!!! Perfect for your BBQ! Or any meat / poultry / pork dish! Also great on egg dishes!

Slick's Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Slick's Big Time Sweet & Spicy was developed to be like the Sweet & Tangy sauce with that extra POW of flavor! This is THE sauce that EVERYONE has been craving!!! It's been said that this sauce is ADDICTING! And actually, it was created to be so! It has beautiful body on the tongue, with a dimensional experience in flavors & spices! And an AMAZING finish!!! With a POW!!! Our customers keep coming back for more and more with this sauce!!! You will be addicted once you try it!

Snake River Stampede Whisky BBQ Sauce

Inspired from the thick & rich flavors of the Old West and a fantastic 8 year old whisky; our Snake River Stampede Whisky BBQ sauce is bursting with flavor! We created this sauce with both, open flame or slow cooking styles in mind! Our Snake River Whisky BBQ Sauce, is an exceptional complement for any beef, pork tenderloin, or chicken BBQ. "My personal favorite is to use it as a glaze on all my Tri Tips or Briskets as a finishing sauce, that makes any beef lovers mouth water!" As an added bonus, we also designed this sauce Gluten and High Fructose Corn Syrup Free, for all our friends and fans that are sensitive to Gluten or HFCS.

Pork Butt & Rib Seasoning Rub

SSlick’s Original Butt and Rib seasoning rubs are perfect blend of spices, to spice up any Pork, Chicken or Veggie dish, before and after grilling. "This rub was designed originally for Pork Butts and/or Ribs, but works on just about everything for you to serve up Championship style BBQ, for your family and friends, every time you grill it up."

Beef Seasoning Rub

Slick’s Original Beef & Seasoning rub is perfect blend of spices, to bring out the best in burger or any Beef Cut, Chicken or Veggie dish. You can put this rub on just about anything before and after grilling. “My Beef & Seasoning rub was designed especially for Beef, but we find it works on just about everything, and will help you serve Championship BBQ for family and friends, every time you grill it up”.